The blog workshop with Andrew Slatter

Keeping a blog is a quite good habit. Especially for people love recording everything around. On 27th Jan, I joined a workshop about blog with Andrew Slatter and I started to write my own blog as well.wechatimg347

He introduced his blog to us and we  did some ‘paper blogs’ and wrote comments to each other which was quite interesting!


He use his blog as an example to teach us how to ‘read’ a people by their’s words. That’s amazing. He gave us a questionnaire which we had to answer while reading his articles. The questions were all about the author and his blog like:

Who is Andrew’s reader?

What is Andrew’s voice and position?

Why does Andrew write?

When are the posts written?


And then we thought about the same questions while reading Mike Dempsey‘s blog.Then we shared our opinions and compared two authors in writing style and standpoint.


At the end of the workshop, he showed us an example about how to write a different blog. This blog below is written into conversations to describe and record, which is creative and more interesting. That’s the fun of keeping a blog : )



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