Something about night owls and midnight time

What time do you usually go to bed? What are you thinking about before falling to sleep?For me it’s around 1 a.m.. Many research shows that people are intend to sleep later and later, which is an interesting global trends. One post on Yahoo Japan, it shows that on a worldwide average, the percentage of people who still keep awake at 12 a.m. are 37%. 34% of them are Americans, 32% europeans, and 40% people are from the Asian-Pacific region. Most of the night owls are in the 20’s , while in the Asia-Pacific Ocean region the night owls are in the 30’s. Furthermore, an article on Yidu also tells that there’s no country whose people average sleeping time is before 12 a.m..

How ever, why does this trend happen? The reason which leads to this trend might be the development of 24-hour service and entertainment , the Internet expanding is likely to promote this trend as well. As night comes, the restaurants and bars are still busy. Some people work overtime in the office, some people watch TV, listen to music or chat with friends. For most of them, the night time is their leisure time which is very scarce, especially for the office workers. People have too much work to do during the day and seldom have their own time to do what they want.u22823966474230823666fm214gp0

Therefore, as this trend going, the midnight might be another active time in the future. One of the article on Creative Something even pointed out that people will be more creative at night. Also, sometimes people will be sensitive and perceptual at midnight. It seems the ‘midnight time’ is a quite valuable and interesting to be researched.


Now there are some special service for midnight already. A Japanese series called Midnight Diner  gives a great example to the midnight service. The protagonist is a chef who has a diner which opens just from 12 a.m. to 7 a.m. everyday. He can make any food according to costumers’ needs. The costumers talk about their troubles and life experience, and comfort and encourage even they don’t know each other. This kind of service is easy and effective to reduce people’s pressure and get relaxed. Articles from The Guardian and HealDove both shows that it’s easier to tell our secrets to strangers. The famous paper “strength of weak ties” talked about this issue,too.


So as a summary, I think the midnight time would be an interesting and valuable direction to look further. People staying up late at night will be an inevitable trend. The midnight time would be a quite active period during the 24h. How could we evaluate this time is worth to think about. I’ll try to find more relative information, data and research to see what can we do next : )


4 thoughts on “Something about night owls and midnight time

  1. Lara says:

    Quite interesting post, very well illustrated and researched. It is interesting the connection you have identified between Midnight Diner (and other real or fictional services) and the strength of weak ties (Granovetter 1973). Indeed worth exploring! Do you think that out ties are becoming weaker and weaker? Where is the strength of today’s weak ties?


    1. tessie says:

      Thank you! And sorry for replying late. In my opinion, the weak ties still plays an important role in people’s daily life. Sometimes this network is ‘visible’ in social platforms like facebook, which is the easiest way to get in touch with the weak ties and expand people’s interpersonal relationship. Sometimes it’s according to intermediaries, which seems works better, like finding a job or having a blind date.It gives people chance to know new things, explore new areas. The Midnight Diner reflected people’s emotional needs nowadays. They have too much pressure which is mainly given by people they have strong ties with, such as family members and boss. People want to pour out their feelings to whom they have weak ties with or even strangers, because they can hardly make a difference to each other’s life and don’t have to worry about the consequence. So I’m just thinking it might be an opportunity to show the value of the weak ties and make better use of it, like solve others’ emotional problems come up at midnight. Plz let me me know if my reply doesn’t make sense to you : ) Looking forward to further discussion and questions. One more post about this topic is in writing hhh.

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  2. Lara says:

    It does! We didn’t talk much about weak ties today, but I think you have explained it very clearly here, and that it is consistent and makes sense with our conversation earlier today. Well done!


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